Instructions on How to Play Poker

Learn how to play poker for beginners guide

Intructions on How to Play PokerFinding a guide on how to play poker for beginners is the first step on a long journey to becoming experienced and successful in online poker. When looking to  learn how to play poker, it is important to know the rules. The rules will allow players to determine how to make game plays and pick up pots, without even having the hand to back up their move.

No Limit is certainly the most common form of poker on most online poker sites. In these games, players will all sit at a table. There will be a “small blind” and a “big blind” (assume 100/200), which is a compulsory amount that has to be put into the pot. An ante may also be required from each player. Starting with the player to the left of the small blind, each play will call (200) raise, re-raise or fold. Each player is given two cards and then the “flop” will be dealt after the first round of betting is complete (3 cards). The same process starts again, then the turn (1 card) and the river (1 card) will be dealt. The best hand will always win, unless a player manages to bully (raises) another play off the pot, so that they fold.

Hand strength is extremely important in poker. The strength of hands is in this order; high card, pair, two pair, three of a kind, straight, flush, full house, four of a kind, straight flush and finally, the Royal flush.

How Do You Play Poker

Important instructions on how to play poker

Learning to play poker might not be as hard as you think. The great thing about it is that each player can adapt their own playing style, as there are no written rules on how to play. There are some important things to consider though, before making a play in a round of betting, some of which have been mentioned below.


Real Money Poker OnlinePosition on the table is extremely important and the further in position a player is, the looser their range of hands should be. The first player to act is considered to be “out of position” and in a weak position. This is because they could call or bet, only to be re-raised multiple times by players that are in a better position.

For this reason, a lot of players tend to play only premium hands and play them aggressively, such as AK with a big raise. Being in position is being the last player to act, and a looser range can be used as the player can see exactly how every single player has acted. If a player was playing AK in position, they might play 8J in position, especially if there are just people flat calling rather than raising. This represents an opportunity to put in a value bet in order to steal the pot.

How the table acts

Players that are looking to learn how to play poker should always consider how other players act based on certain scenarios. For instance if a player raises big, and shows AK, this is a piece of information that you can use to your advantage. Writing notes on players can help to determine when a player should fold, raise, or re-raise to get maximum value from the pot, with little risk. Alongside this, if there is a lot of action behind a player and they are sitting there with a semi-weak hand, then it should be folded. That being said, if there is a lack of action, again, this represents an opportunity to grab the pot.

Stack size

How do you Play PokerWhen learning how to play poker for beginners, it is also important to consider stack size. For instance, if a player has a large stack and they are coming against a smaller stack, then they are likely to try and bully them off the pot. If you end up being the player with a small stack and have a good hand, it is extremely easy to trap an opponent into thinking that you do not have the hand and therefore, get maximum value from a pot.

Remember, there are many more variables to consider such as the buy-in, player experience, how deep in a tournament you are and how the individual player has acted (especially if they are on tilt from losing a big hand).

Getting Involved

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Instructions on how to play poker can only help a player so much. The most valuable experience a player can obtain is playing poker for real money, or using free poker money, or by entering a freeroll. They can quickly gain experience and start to hone their skills