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Free Poker Games OnlineFree poker games are becoming much more widely available. There are plenty of top poker sites to choose from and because of this fierce competition, more and more are offering a free way of getting involved with free poker games online. For the beginner, playing free poker online is an excellent way to hone skills. By doing a little research on instructions on how to play poker and strategies, players can get used to playing a real time tournament and test out some of their strategies on other players.

One of the key things that new players are likely to learn is that there are many variables in a poker game that can greatly affect how a hand is played. For instance, the position the player has on their table, their current chip stack, the type of opponent and hand. All of these variables are pieces of information that should be taken into account in order to make a calculated decision on what is the best play to make (bet, fold, re-raise, three bet etc).

There are three types of free online poker games, which have been segregated and explained in detail below. Each of the ways to play free poker games online have their pros and cons, so it is down to the player to decide which will help them progress the most as a player.

Free Poker for Fun

Play poker with virtual money - "play money"
Free Poker Games Online

The first of the free poker games to consider is free poker for fun. Each online poker room will usually have an option to play using "play money". This money is not real and all the others on the table are also using "play money". This means that there is no risk for the player, but no reward either. Generally, these type of free online poker games tend to be for the absolute beginner. They allow the beginner to get used to the poker room, its features, the different player aids and so on.

That being said, free poker for fun is not something that can really help a player to progress to becoming successful in the long term. For instance, playing free poker for fun to "train" a player is not exactly feasible. There are no risks and no rewards, so the game play in these tournaments and ring games tend to be extremely sporadic. For that reason, do not think something that worked/did not work when playing in these games will/will not work in a real ring game or tournament. These types of free poker games should be used to as a stepping stone towards real money play and nothing else.

Free Poker Money

Free poker bonuses no deposit required

Free Poker Games - Free MoneyThere is a huge amount of competition for poker rooms to attract new players. Instead of just offering free poker games online, they are actually offering players the chance to get started, with real money, without actually depositing any cash. Small number of online poker rooms will offer up to $10 as a no deposit bonus, which can help players get started in the real money world of online poker. Of course, the free money bonus is usually extremely small, so unless a lucky win occurs, this is not going to act as a long term bank roll. That being said, it allows players to take the stepping stone from free money poker for fun and get involved in some real money games rather than free money poker games.

Poker Freerolls

Free poker tournaments with real money prizepool

Some online poker rooms will not offer free poker money, but they may well offer poker freerolls. These tend to allow players to enter for free, with some small cash prizes. The great thing about freerolls is that they tend to be on going. The majority of the poker rooms offering free online poker games will offer multiple freerolls every single day, available to all players and not beginners. Although the prizes are fairly small, it offers a more realistic experience in terms of real money play in comparison to “free money” games.

Where to Start with Free Poker Games Online

What are the best ways to play free poker online

Play Free Poker for MoneyPoker for fun is certainly the place to start for beginners. It allows beginners to get used to the software and the fast paced world of free online poker games at the same time. After using the fun versions for a while, players should migrate to poker freerolls and “free money” and start to experience what the real hype around online poker is all about. All of these are great stepping stones towards playing poker for real money in ring games and tournaments and taking advantage of best poker bonuses and very popular and rewarding poker rakeback deals.